Early Signs of Foundation Damage

Early Signs of Foundation Damage

Cracks in your foundation:

If you observe some cracks in your foundation you should react quickly to get it repaired before the cracks increase in size and dimension.

Door/windows not working properly

If you face some hindrance while opening and closing the doors, it’s an early sign that there is some problem in your foundation and it needs repairing.

Moulding/Trim pieces go out of alignment

If there are some trim pieces that shift from their position and there is a disturbance in the alignment, it’s a sign that should not be ignored.

Bowing basement walls

When the foundation wall curves inward it bows the basement walls. When the pressure becomes high for the wall to handle it starts to bow and can even break if not repaired soon.

Sinking floors/corners

A sinking floor can be a sign of a damaged foundation that should not be ignored. The main cause of the sinking of floors or corners is the soil below the foundation.

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Frequently asked questions related to foundation damage signs

What are some of the early signs of foundation damage that should not be ignored?
Cracks in your foundation
Doors/Windows not opening properly
If parts go out of alignment
Bowing basement walls
Sinking floors or corners




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