Helical Anchors
for Utility

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    Benefits of Helical Anchors

    Patented Inertia Welding

    Affordable &Cost Effective

    True Environment Friendly

    Easy and Faster Installation

    Instant Load Bearing Capacity

    As mentioned in the Industrial helical anchors for utility Page many utility companies are using helical piles. It is a great foundation method for this utility industry because it’s mobility and quick to functionality. Like most foundation solutions concrete is the preferred method but what helical piles can offer with its quick install rate and no cure time has quickly shifted the mindset when designing foundations.
    It has allowed utility companies to be much more creative when creating a transmission line, pipeline,power plant, etc. 

    Large sections of land that were previously viewed as not an option are now an option.With tight tolerances and minimal displacement allowed helical piles are a great resource for these companies.

    On transmission lines, the loads on the pile can change dramatically depending on which way the wind is blowing. This is a challenging trait as typically loads are fairly constant and don’t change much over time.
    In a scenario where the wind is blowing on a transmission tower from the north, the piles on the north side of the tower will be in tension and the piles on the South side will be in compression. If the wind flips the piles that were in tension are now in compression and compression piles are now in tension.

    This cyclical loading is demanding on any foundation and because of Helical Anchors Inc’s inertia welding and CNC machined tool joints our piles perform the best. We have extremely tight tolerances so when the helical pile shifts from tension to compression there is minimal displacement in the system.

    Another opportunity for helical piles is solar panel fields. The loading on these piles is tension as the solar panels almost act like a sail when high winds occur. The more common foundations for these systems are concrete and C channel but both have their limitations. Concrete is easy and cheap but it takes time to cure and like always time is money. C channel has no cure time but has limited capacity and performs poorly when having to deal with frost. Frost heave is a serious concern for both C channel and concrete for any location that has to deal with frost levels.

    In the upper mid west we are typically in the 4’ range. What happens is as the ground freezes the soil expands and grabs onto the C channel or concrete column. As it grabs the soil will continue to expand and push the foundation up. This can cause serious issues for any foundation but in particular solar fields as C channels and small concrete pillars are being used. Helical piles have the addition of the flight. The flight anchors that foundation below the
    frost level to ensure no heaving occurs.

    Typically these fields are based off 25 year life spans and if you had constant frost heaving year after year 25 years would be tough to reach. In territories where the ground freezes helical piles are the superior foundation option

    Helical Anchors for Utility Industries 

    Expect Helical Anchors Inc to provide solutions for following utility industry-

    1. Helical anchors for guy Wires
    2. Helical anchors for  transmission towers
    3. Helical anchors for pipe lines
    4. Helical anchors for parking lights
    5. Helical anchors for street lights
    6. Helical anchors for platform support
    7. Helical anchors for solar panels
    8. Helical anchors for wind turbines
    9. Helical anchors for telecom towers
    10. Helical anchors for monpoles support

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