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Helical Anchors Inc. is the manufacturer for strongest helical piles, underpinning , ground anchors and other helical products that are perfect solution for all kind of foundation repair needs.

We provide residential foundation repair, commercial foundation repair and foundation repair solutions for homeowners.

As mentioned in the residential market page helical piles are great for foundation repair. The main focus on repair work is residential but with us seeing more and more foundation repair work for the commercial market we felt it should have its own section.
Helical piles are great to repair an existing foundation that needs foundation settlement repair.

With the ability to install such a large amount of capacity with such a small footprint you are able to fix almost any foundation problem.

Foundation repair process

  1. Typically the contractor starts by digging out the soil around the foundation that showing problems.
  2. Once that is done a helical pile is installed up against the structure at a slight angle.
  3. Once the torque is met the contractor attaches an underpinning bracket to the helical pile followed by securing it to the existing foundation.
  4. Once completed the load that was previously causing settlement is now being transmitted from the structure to the underpinning bracket, to the helical pile and strongly to the strata below.

This type of work can be done on any structure. Homes along waterways are the most common due to changing soils but the commercial market has become more and more prevalent in recent years.
Rather than ignoring the issue and dealing with the consequences or completely scrapping the building, helical piles offer a realistic foundation repair option for all types of owners.

Thrust is created if the helical drove to the floor and there is a mount connected to the foundation wall and pile. This allows for the aid of foundations.

Not only are they excellent for work, but they’re also perfect for lightly-loaded structures. Helical piles are solutions for both new-construction business and residential jobs, given their simplicity of installation and strong load-bearing capacities.

Helical piers and piles are necessary for many uses and could be used while the project specifies caissons, driven piles or miniature piles.
It’s pushed to depths using a system beneath the line.

Helical foundation are utilized to support structures where soil conditions are somewhat hard, which makes it difficult to prepare a foundation system.

Rather than costly excavations that are big, they thread to the floor. They’re also used to repair current foundations which are feeble or have issues like fractures.

Helical piers reduce time spent in installing a foundation, causes very little disturbance to the ground and transports the weight of the construction, to lands deep into the ground which would endure the load.

Helical piers may be used for both residential and business uses. They are used in caissons piles and pushed piles. They come in handy when there is damage to the foundation or the structure is constructed in the soil, for example instances where the dirt has large water content.

There are instances where the helical pier or helical anchor are considered the very best solution to get a foundation job.
At a home, the foundation will crack, buckle and bow walls and irregular the flooring that is faced by a few homeowners.

When located on soft or unstable soils homes and other structures can settle. A foundation could lead to a reduction in your investment and damage to your house.

As a result of their layout and ease, they utilize soil requirements to prevent foundation alternatives. Rather than requiring excavation work that is big, they thread to the floor. This reduces the installation period, requires soil disturbance, and above all transports the weight of this construction to load-bearing soil.

Helical piers are employed in foundation repair when there is a need to withstand stress, a pressure, or even both. Helical anchors resemble a twist. They are best for foundation repair option such as aid for steps settling porches, stairs, chimneys, and much more. They may be used in residential, commercial, or industrial foundation repair software.

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