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Helical Pile Manufacturing

Helical Anchors Inc. is a leading Helical Pile company located at Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have the technology that enables us to produce the strongest Helical Piles in the industry. We have patented inertia welding technology that produces the strongest joints. You can contact our team directly for any questions 

Helical pile also referred to as screw pile, are built with steel bottoms together with helical flights of different sizes to match the site-specific floor requirements. A helical pile may be a good square steel beam, around rotating open steel pipe heap or a blend of both round and square with a couple of helical plates. Word helical heap can be used as helical piers also.

Oftentimes, the helical pile foundation Mn is itself is sufficient to fulfill the load demands of the undertaking.


Frequently asked questions related to Helical Piles

What are Helical Pile?

Helical pile are used in providing strength to the foundation of the structure and is used in the underground technology responsible for holding the structure in place.  Helical pile are used to provide support to the structure from the underground level and protect the foundation from any damage.


Where can I get helical pile?

You can get it by searching for us by typing Helical Anchors Inc on google or you can get it by contacting us directly Helical Pile contractor.


How can I purchase Helical Pile?

You can contact us to purchase the best quality helical pile at a very affordable price directly from us.


What are the benefits of helical pile?

There are various benefits of using helical pile. Some of them are as follows:


It is easy to install and remove
It can be installed easily in any soil condition
It reduces foundation repair costs
It does not require excess soil
The installation process is very easy
It is easily modified in the field

What would be the cost of Helical Pile?

There are various factors involved while deciding the helical pile cost. Those factors are:


Site location
Type of structure
Type of job(repair or new structure)
Condition of foundation
Depth of pile installation

For more details contact Helical Anchors Inc. for most affordable rates on Helical Piles.

How to install Helical Pile?

Helical pile are generally installed using standard wheeled excavators that have a torque motor attached which is used to monitor the torque achieved during installation to verify the design. Helical pile are installed to the desired depth using a hydraulic drive head. The torque to be applied and the position at which it has to be applied depends upon the specific pile you are working with.


What is the purpose of Helical Pile?

Helical pile can be used in both residential and industrial foundations where the foundation is not under normal conditions and it has to be made strong. It can also be used to repair the damaged or old foundations and make them intact again and ready for any future combat with the soil or weather conditions.


How to use Helical Pile?

1. Install the helical pile into the soil up to the predetermined load capacity.
2. Separate the helical pile at predetermined intervals to share the weight of the structure.
3. To transfer the weight to the pile attach the bracket to the base of the wall for foundation repair works
4. The depth to which the helical pile are installed should be chosen in such a manner that they meet the required amount of torque.  


How many Helical Pile are required?

The number of helical piles that you require depends upon the following factors:
 Recommended distance between the pile
The type of structure for which is required.


Where can I get helical pile?

You can contact us to purchase the best quality helical pile at a very affordable price directly from us.


Are Helical Pile Good?

Helical Piles will be a decent option if you’re looking to hold out the following things:  


1. If you intend to lift the structure back to its original position
2. If you’re reaching to Stabilize light structures like decks and stoops that have settled
3. If you want to revive the worth of your property

How much weight can a Helical Pile hold?

Depending on the surrounding conditions and also the use of Helical Pile, it can hold upto 500 a lot of weight comfortably.


How far apart should Helical Pile be?

As per a general regulation, Helical Pile are generally spaced 3 to 4 diameters on the center. the final spacing between helical pile is 5ft – 10ft.


How long do Helical Pile last ?

To prevent rusting Helical Pile are made of galvanized steel. Depending upon the solid conditions and as per the usage and load they will last up to 100 years or perhaps more.


How Deep do Screw pile go?

To avoid frost damage Screw pile placed 10 to 25 feet meters deep below the soil.


Are Helical pile expensive?

Pile support should be installed at every location when the direction of the wall changes. There should be minimum one piling support at every corner.


How does Screw piers work ?

First install the Screw piers into the soil up to the predetermined load capacity. Now Separate the screw piers at predetermined intervals to share the load of the structure. For foundation repair works, attach the brackets to the bottom of the wall in order that the load is transferred to the piers so install the Screw piers to a height below the bottom level where they meet the desired torque. This leaves the encompassing earth pressed firmly against the pier holding it stable.


Are steel pile better than concrete ?

Steel piles are better than concrete piers because they’ll be installed deep than the concrete piers. they’ll be driven deeply into the soil more easily than the concrete pier. Since they’re driven deeply therefore the support provided by them is additionally strong.


How does a helical pile look like?

A helical pile is a steel shaft that has round helixes and is used to provide support and strength to different structures.


Is it cheaper on a slab or pile?

The initial cost for the concrete slab is less expensive but the maintenance cost and repairing cost is high which makes it an expensive choice within the future.


How long do concrete piers last?

Concrete piers don’t have a long-lasting life. Depending on the quality of the material they can do the temporary job but they won’t last long so it’s better to go with the Helical piles.


How many concrete Piers do I need?

Generally, an 8 ft x 12 ft shed will need 6 piers, 3 pier for each long side.


How long do Push piers last ?

There are various factors involved while deciding the cost of Helical Piles. Those factors are:.
Site location
Type of structure
Type of job(repair or new structure)
Condition of foundation
Depth of pile installation   

Should I buy a house with foundation repairs?

Purchasing a house or structure that has foundation repairs can be a good option. You can get it repaired once and the strength of your foundation will last long enough to ensure your safety in the long run.


Can you put screw piles in by hand?

In many cases we can put the screw piles by hand or in case of bigger projects we can also use a hand machine to finish the job.


Are Screw Pile any good?

Screw pile are an excellent choice for protecting your structure’s foundation. Screw piles are way better than the concrete pier.


What is a concrete Pile?

A concrete pile is a long cylindrical structure made up of concrete that is installed into the ground to provide strength to the foundation of the structure.


Do Screw Pile rust?

Screw piles are made up of galvanized steel which prevents rusting.


Does foundation Piles really work?

Generally, Pier are driven 3 meters deep to avoid frost damage.


How deep are pier and beam foundation?

Generally Pier are driven 3 meters deep to avoid frost damage.


What are ground screws?

Ground screws are used to install posts or fences into ground. They are used in applications that require strong upside support.


Can you build a house on a concrete pier?

You can build a house on a concrete pier but a screw pier is a much better option as it provides greater strength to the foundation and also it is long-lasting.


What is a push pier?

A Push pier is used to protect the foundation of any structure or building.


What is the cheapest foundation for a house?

Generally, Slab foundations have low one-time investment but they have high maintenance and repair cost which makes them costly in the long run and also their life span is less than the screw piers.


Is Pier and beam foundation good?

Pier and beam foundation are much better than the slab foundation. They are long-lasting and also provide greater strength to the foundation.


Which is the best foundation repair method?

Steel Piles is the best foundation repair method. The introduction of steel piles has revolutionized the foundation repair process.


Does foundation repair affect resale?

Foundation damage can reduce the value of your property significantly therefore it’s a good choice to get the foundation repaired to maintain the value of the property so that you don’t face any loss while selling the house.


Are block and Pier considered a Permanent foundation?

Blocks and piers are extremely useful when it comes to increasing the strength of the foundation and piers also have a good life span therefore they can  be thought of as a permanent foundation.


How long does a foundation repair last?

Depending upon the foundation work and the damage to be repaired a foundation repair can take from 2 to 5 days.


What causes the foundation to sink?

Weather and soil are the main reasons responsible to sink the foundation. Large volumes of water can weaken the soil and cause the foundation to sink.


Can a house fall off its foundation?

If the foundation damage is not repaired and the damage keeps on increasing then it may cause the foundation to become very weak and in the worst case scenario the house can even fall off its foundation.


What is a friction pile?

Friction pile is a pile foundation that uses the frictional resistance force between the pile surface and adjacent soil to transfer the superstructural load.


What is a Helical Anchor?

A helical anchor/pile is an extendable deep foundation system that has helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. They are used in tension applications.


Which is the foundation repair for clay soil?

Pile foundations are the best foundation repair for clay soil as they provide the needed strength and support to the foundation. It can be driven deep inside the soil where moisture content is low therefore it provides better stability.


How do I choose the right foundation?

While choosing the right foundation certain factors should be kept in mind like:


Surrounding area
Soil condition

What is the difference between footing and foundation?

The footing is a type of shallow foundation. Foundation can be both shallow and deep as per the requirement. Footing includes slab, rebar which are fabricated of brickwork, masonry or concrete. Foundation types include piles, caissons, footings, piers, the lateral supports, and anchors.