Helical Anchors Quality

Helical Anchors Inc brings “new” solutions to the soil stabilization and foundation industry. We apply state of the art technology and expertise to change the way the foundation industry installs foundation piles and anchors. We have established, implemented, maintained, and continually improved a quality management system that includes the processes needed and their interactions, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. 

Our management demonstrates leadership and commitment with respect to our quality promise to the customer. We do this by taking accountability for our team and conducting training and evaluations for all of our employees. We establish quality objectives and maintain a quality policy to ensure that our products. We promote the use of following a process and utilizing risk-based thinking. We ensure that the resources needed to ensure quality are available for everyone inside of our organization. By communicating the importance of effective quality management and conforming to the quality management system requirements, we are able to achieve our intended results. 

Our management team demonstrates leadership and commitment with respect to the customer by ensuring that our quality management system achieves its intended results. By engaging, directing, and supporting our team we are able to promote and demonstrate leadership as it applies to responsibility in our manufacturing facility. 

When manufacturing a high-performance product quality is at the foundation of the production process. It all comes down to reliability. When you’re in the field the last thing you want to worry about is will
this material fail? Helical Anchors Inc has many processes in place to ensure our products put your mind at ease.
Helical Anchors Inc is ISO: 2015 certified which illustrates a continuous drive to do better by our ownership, employees and most importantly our customers. We regularly step back and look at how we can make it better for all parties associated with our company. This drive to continuously improve is what sets Helical Anchors Inc apart from the rest of the helical industry.
Helical Anchors Inc also has many ICC certified products. Our ESR 3982 provides details analysis of our 100 Kip pile along with many of our cap/ bracket options.

The ICC certification process has provided a universal understanding that if a helical system is certified, it held to the highest quality standards.
We have several in-process quality checks to ensure nothing but the best leaves our doors. These checks are performed on raw material, welding, flight conformity, bolt properties, galvanizing and packaging.
From the beginning to the end every process is required to be reviewed. In addition to in-process inspections we also perform destructive testing.
Destructive testing is when we take the finished product and test it to failure. This is the most crucial part of our quality program. Our quality team randomly selects a certain percentage of products off the line to
perform randomized torque or helix press testing. It is a simple pass-fail test which is performed on a weekly basis.

Destructive testing is another way Helical Anchors Inc ensures you are installing the best most reliable piles in the world.