Helical Piles for Solar Panel Mount Foundations

Helical Piles for Solar Panels when foundations are questionable and super strong basement hold is needed. Contact helical anchors inc for all your solar project requirements.

Helical piles for solar fields are a great option for the unique foundation requirements. Contact Helical Anchors Inc for all of your solar project requirements. We have supplied helical piles for dozens of solar projects all around the world. With our patented inertia welding technology we offer unique solutions for tough problems.

Helical Piles are also called helical anchors, helical piers, ground anchors , ground screws and often used interchangeably

We are the largest and strongest manufacturer for helical anchors and with our patented Inertia welding technology, we create strongest bonds.

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    With the increasing demand for solar energy, the need for a fast, cost-effective foundation system has emerged. Helical piles have emerged as the most commonly used foundation system for the solar panels. Helical Anchors offers various terminations that are capable of adapting to any sort of solar array connection and structure. Helical piles also have the ability to withstand compressive, tensile and lateral forces which makes them more versatile to use. These factors combined eliminate the need for any concrete thereby reducing the total time involved in the installation process. 

    Helical Anchors offer the best helical piles for solar panel foundations. Solar foundation systems are important to support the solar panel and protect its foundation from any kind of damage. 

    The Helical Pile System is the most reliable and durable solution for solar panel foundations. The greatest advantage of using helical pile systems is that they are ideal for compression as well as tension, therefore they are best suited for conditions inherent for energy-related construction sites. 

    Helical piles for solar panels are more sustainable

    Helical piles are sustainable which means that they can be reused and recycled. They need very less equipment for their installation and therefore the noise produced is also minimal. 

    What are Helical Piles for Solar Panel Foundations?

    Solar Foundation Piles are spiral shaped steel pipes that have either plates or holes to which the solar panel brackets can be attached or sometimes even holes are drilled into the end of the pipe so that the clamps can attach brackets of the solar panel. The advantage of using helical piles for solar foundation is that they can be installed in any soil conditions and can protect your foundation from any kind of damage.

    Features and Benefits of Helical Piles for Solar Panels

    • Solar panels can be used immediately after their  installation as we don’t have to wait for the concrete to settle down.
    • It can be Installed in any weather condition
    • It is enabled with continuous torque monitoring that assures each tieback anchor meets the load requirement properly
    • Grading is not required
    • It causes lower noise levels than driven piles
    • It can be used and installed easily in tough terrains
    • It is removable
    • Causes minimal impact to the environment
    • It is free from corrosion

    Installing Helical Piles for Solar foundations

    The helical pile for the solar foundation is installed into the soil using a hydraulic drive head. The installing torque is monitored regularly using a calibrated instrument to make sure that  every installed pile meets the required load capacity. 

    Design and Engineering of Solar helical piles

    At Helical Anchors Inc. our designers hassle around thoroughly  to identify the opportunities that would help in reducing the cost of the overall project. This is done by considering and evaluating  multiple designs for each project and then identifying the minimal optimal configurations that would be best suited for the project. Our experts will present you with an optimized solution and the minimum effective cost when we quote your needs are requirements.

    Our foundations are enabled with wider spans between support columns and stronger components. We engineered our system in such a  way that it would obtain a better balance between all of the system components, resulting in less ground penetrations and a lower installed cost. Our experts can prepare both the standard designs as well as customized designs as per your needs and requirements.

    Standard Designs

    The most cost effective solution is our  commonly used landscape design configuration. Due to its compact size and  effective use of square footage it is the most cost effective and satisfying solution. 

    Custom Designs

    At Helical Anchors Inc we can create custom design to suit your particular needs and requirements.  Our experts will provide you with creative structures and products outside of the standard system just to ensure all your needs and requirements are fulfilled.We have the ability to come up with creative structures and products outside of our standard system. We make sure that the custom designs created by us are cost effective and would best cater all your needs and requirements. 

    Solar panels for commercial use

    At Helical Anchors Inc we make use of the latest technology and patented tools to provide a. the greatest efficiency for your commercial project. We utilize the latest tools and equipment that permits us to complete the installation process quickly without creating much disturbance to your day to day operations. We provide you with products that are durable and that would be long-lasting.

    Solar panels for residential use

    Generally, for most residential systems, we can finish the installation process in a day or two depending upon the conditions and requirements. We have the latest tools and equipment that enable rapid deployment and it requires a single operator pile installation using a compact and lightweight power unit which enables for the efficient pile installation on residential projects where only a few piles need to be installed.

    helical pier manufacturing

    Why we need helical piers for solar panel mounts?

    Most of the instances in commercial solar panel project , large land spaces are used and most surface are uneven in terms of its density and strength. for such questionable foundations it is always recommended to use helical anchors systems , as they are easy to install and provide more sustainable solutions for solar project

    Can we customize the requirements for solar helical piers?

    Yes , certainly . It is one of the advantages with helical piles for solar projects , as you get a whether proof solution for all your foundation needs and with 100% custom made designs for all kinds of foundations