Inertia Welding Technology

Inertia Welding

What Is Inertia Welding?

Inertia welding is the process when two tubular pieces of metal are joined by  rotary motion and force, resulting into heat which joins them as one.

What are the advantages of Inertia Welding?

Cost Reduction

Joint Strength

High Weld

Dissimilar Bonds

Highly Repeatable

Inertia Welding Process

Inertia welding process is simple and is follows-

  • One metal piece is attached to the rotating machine and another metal piece is connected with fixed metal clamp.
  • Rotating part and fixed part are forced towards each other , Which in turn generates heat and friction
  • Rotation stops under its own kinetic mass and then a forge pressure completes the welding cycle.



The inertia welding machine is critical for the success of our products. This process describes how we properly set up our machines for inertia welding:

We place the tool joint in the machine. Then we cut the pipe to the desired length. From there, we perform a 90 degree face off. Our machine cuts the pipe beautifully to ensure proper inertia welding. Then the pipe is loaded into the machine. We are now ready to start the inertia weld. 

After we start the inertia welding machine, we press the pipe to the tool joint. The rotary motion and pressure are machined together through pressure. Post inertia weld heat treatment, the product goes through a flash welding removal process. Then the finishing and cleaning of the weld takes place. From there, we have a completed single piece, and a finishing coat is applied. The product will then go to painting and we make available for you.We have the strongest helical products

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