Helical Flights |Flights for Helical Piers


Manufacturing of sectional helices that are used in the production of helical anchors, helical piles, or helical piers is done at Helical Anchors Inc. These sectional helices are also called helical flights

Helical flights are a constant one-piece helix made from rectangle or square bar, round bar, or trim plate. The cross-section of helical flight tapers in thickness from broader over the ID to thinner on the OD on account of the stream of steel in the production procedure. Helical anchors inc flight using a milder external edge and tighter tolerances than conventional flight.

Helical flighting is just one constant length instead of flight, which is composed of turns or sections which have to be welded together. Thus, Helical Anchors Inc flight reduces the number of splices necessary in welding and assembly compared to sectional flight. We have the ability to generate helical flight and total screw products with much more consistency, tighter tolerances and at a lower price compared to other providers.

Types of Helical Flights for Helical Piers

There a so many different types of flights which are available and are mentioned below

  • Sectional Helical flights
  • Stainless Helical flights
  • Ribbon flights
  • Cut flights
  • Cut & folder flights
  • Taped flights
  • Coned flights
  • Canted flights
  • Compressing flights
  • Large Helical flights
  • One-piece flights
  • Screw pile flights
  • Hardox flights
  • Steel flights
  • Screw pile flights
  • Hydro pump flights

Helical Flights |Flights for Helical Piers
Helical Flights |Flights for Helical Piers