Industrial Helical Pier

We provide the strongest helical piles, ground screws, brackets, leads, extension, and underpinning for the Industrial sector.

The industrial sector is a great opportunity for the utilization of industrial helical piles. Typically these projects span a wide footprint and by utilizing a group of helical piles to take on these large loads the contractors can save money. The industrial helical piles market is a fairly broad market with many different types of projects.
Some of which can be fairly simple with basically axial loads. On the other hand some of these projects can be very complicated and need good solid engineering and design to feasible.
Many industrial projects will involve large buildings with open ends. This can create a large amount of wind load put on the foundation of the structure. This lateral wind load not only has a dramatic effect on the type of foundation to use but also the type of industrial anchor to use.

Industrial Helical Piles

We have seen many projects where the vertical loads are minimal but the later or overturning loads are off the charts. These types of loads cause a huge increase in the size of the industrial helical piers needed.

Another common scenario in the industrial sector is high capacity cranes. These are overhead cranes that carry significant weight from one portion of the building to the other. The foundation for these cranes needs to be engineered and designed to uphold the weight capacity of the crane through the entire track.

In addition to industrial buildings, there is also a huge portion of this sector that transmits energy. This can be coal, gas, oil, electricity, etc but all have completely different characteristics when it comes to their foundations. On the electricity side, helical piles have been utilized for a long time. Until someone comes up with a better cheaper solution it will remain that way.

Oil and gas are newer to using helical piles for their foundation needs but since they’ve started they have become an essential resource for the industry.

Pipelines and transmission lines are now able to span new territories that otherwise would not be able to be utilized. From wetlands to mountains helical piles have drastically changed options for these utility companies and industrial screw piles help with it.

Industrial Helical  Piles
Industrial Helical Piles