Residential Helical Piles

Residential Helical Piles Solutions from Helical Anchors Inc.

We provide soil foundation solutions for the homeowners. Residential Sector would require different soil stabilization solutions.

The market for helical piles for house foundation has been around for many years. A concrete slab will always be the cheapest option but in some soil conditions it won’t suffice and that is when helical piles for house foundation should be used. Helical piers new construction is a great deep foundation option for building a home where you typically would not be able to build on. It is a high capacity option with a small footprint. With a simple 2 or 3 man crew and skid steer or backhoe you can install 15 to 30 helical piles in a day (largely depends on depth and site conditions).

Typically these are smaller loads with minimal to no lateral loads so jobs and engineering can move along pretty quickly. From an installers standpoint, residential work can be a lucrative business. As mentioned before a small crew with minimal machinery can install a medium-sized home in 2 days. If an installer can generate a good relationship with a home builder this can be steady work throughout the construction season.

With tens of thousands of residential homes being built each year, this is a steady source of revenue for the helical anchor industry. On the flip side of the new construction, a huge portion of the residential helical anchor market is foundation repair work. This is when all or a section of a home is settling and we use helical piles for residential work to either stop the settlement or lift the house to show less settlement.

Residential Helical Piles Example

For example, if a corner of a residential home is settling you can install helical piles at a slight angle up against the house. Once the desired torque is met you would attach an underpinning bracket to the pile and to the existing foundation. Now the weight of that house is transitioned from the existing foundation to the underpinning bracket then finally to the helical pile. In some cases, hydraulic jacks can be utilized in a synchronistical way to lift the house to the desired level.
Helical piles are a great option for building residential homes and communities where standard concrete slabs are not adequate. Even when an existing home has used a slab that is failing helical piles can be
used to retrofit the existing failing foundations. With a small crew and minimal overhead, helical piles provide a great solution for many deep foundation needs.

Helical anchors provide an easy option to install method for both fixing already built houses that are having foundation issues and new builds. With a bobcat, a motor and a handful of anchors companies can solidify any worries about future foundation problems.

Benefits of using Residential Helical Anchors for new construction

The benefit of using residential helical piles is that companies are able to get to the correct depth in a much more economical way. A crew of four can put lay a foundation in a matter of hours depending on the depth required.

With the ongoing drive to lower production cost helical anchors are becoming more and more popular for deep foundation work all around the world. They have become the leading application for engineers and architects.


Residential Helical Piles
Residential Helical Piles