Commercial Helical Piers

Commercial helical piles

We provide the strongest commercial Helical Piles, Ground Screws, Brackets, Leads, Extension  and Underpinning for Commercial Sector

In comparison to residential, commercial projects tend to need a greater foundation. Whether its lateral load from skyscrapers or solar panels to secure the mass of a shopping mall, Helical anchors can handle the job. Our standard sizes range from 2 3/8” outside diameter to 4 ½” outside diameter but with our in-house engineering team, we can specially design any size of a pile. To this date, our largest anchor is a 12-3/4” outside diameter with a .5” wall thickness but we have no restrictions. 

The commercial sector for helical piles continues to grow every year. Although helical piles have been around for a long time the mass production and utilization is still fairly new. The more and more engineers and building inspectors continue to grow and become educated on helical anchors and their capabilities the more they will continue to grow as a viable foundation option.
In the beginning, they were generally used for holding down tension wires for small light-duty applications, and with continued growth and exposure they are now being used all around the world for multiple commercial and residential applications.

From schools and hospitals to restraints and bridges, helical piles have become a very reliable deep foundation solution. With engineers becoming more and more open-minded about helical piles this trend will continue for years to come.
A large percentage of Helical Anchors Inc’s revenue comes from the commercial sector. We focus on high capacity, high-quality piles. When competing for projects in our industry the low bidder wins and with our capacities, you will be competing with less steel than your competition.

When a job calls out 115,000 lbs as an ultimate load all of our competition will be quoting a minimum of a 3 ½” pile or a smaller pile with a grouted column. With Helical Anchors Inc you would be quoting our 2 7/8” .276” wall pile. This gives our clients a significant head start as they will be quoting less steel and less weight. Less steel means the material to complete the same job will be cheaper and less weight means quicker install rates and cheaper mobilization. The more competitive you can mean the more jobs you win and the more revenue for all parties involved.
Helical Anchors Inc strives in the commercial sector. With our dedication to quality and performance, we are able to save money projects by simply utilizing our pile capacities.

Let Helical Anchors Inc win you your next commercial bid by providing correct helical piles for commercial work.

One thing that is universal on any construction job is that downtime kills a budget. Helical anchors minimize down time mainly by not having to wait for concrete to harden. This allows you to move from one pile to next seamlessly.

 Commercial Helical Piles for Various Applications

This list shows a small snapshot of what our anchors are holding to the earth:

  • Wind turbines                                  
  • Solar panels
  • Billboards                                          
  • Street lights
  • Shopping malls                                
  • Schools
  • Pipelines                                            
  • Drilling rigs
  • Docks                                                  
  • Retaining walls
Commercial Helical Piles
Commercial Helical Piles