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Helical Anchors 

Helical Anchors Inc. is a leading helical anchor manufacturer unit located at Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have the technology that enables us to produce the strongest helical soil anchors in the industry. We have patented inertia welding technology that produces the strongest couplers. You can contact our team directly for any questions.

helical anchor also is known as a helix anchor, screw anchor, or helical pile is extendable base equipment which is made up of helical engineered metallic plates that are attached to a central steel shaft using a round or rectangular cross-section. The steel plate thickness, diameter, number, and helices operate are determined through the restricted or supported arrangement’s minimal design life, the ecological rust, and geotechnical parameters, along with the design fill demands.

Helical anchor system may be used to reestablish new foundations or restore present ones. Helical foundation anchors are used for lighthouses, roads, railroads, telecommunication, and in a lot of different businesses that need rapid installation or structure near to present constructions. Evidence, maintaining structures, other common places make use of because they are appropriate for compression in addition to tensile loads.

What are Helical Anchors?

A helical anchor is a deep foundation solution which is used in situations when standard solutions cannot be applied to your foundation project. Situations where a foundation may be exposed to moisture for a longer period of time or where the soil conditions are not normal for use, in such a situation a deep foundation solution like a Helical anchor is required

What are the benefits of Helical Anchors?

There are various benefits of using a helical anchor. Some of them are as follows:
It is easy to install and remove
It can be installed easily in any weather condition
It reduces carbon footprints
It has minimum vibration
It reduces foundation costs
It does not require excess soil
The installation process is very clean and tidy as there are no spoils left after installation

What would be the cost of Helical Anchors?

There are various factors involved while deciding the cost of helical anchors. Those factors are:
Type of work
Condition of foundation
Depth of pile installation
For more details contact Helical Anchors Inc.

How To Install Helical Anchors?

Helical anchors are installed before pouring the foundation or the soil foundation has been damaged
Helical anchors are screwed into the soil and depending upon the location they are attached to the pre-existing foundation with brackets or screws. After the helical anchors are installed the foundation is safe and is ready to combat any future damage due to compression and tension.

How many Helical Anchors are required ?

The number of helical anchors that you require depends upon the following factors:
Recommended distance between the piles
The type of structure

What is the purpose of Helical Anchors

The main purpose of a helical anchor is to transfer the structural load to the soil. There are various other applications also like tension, compression, and lateral load where helical anchors are used.

How to use Helical Anchors?

Drive the helical anchors into the soil up to the predetermined load capacity.
Space the helical anchors at predetermined intervals to share the weight of the structure.
For foundation repair works, attach the brackets to the base of the wall so that the weight is transferred to the anchor.
Install to a height below the ground level where they meet the required torque.

Where can i get helical anchors?

You can get it by searching for us by typing Helical Anchors Inc on google or you can it by contacting us directly.

Where can i purchase helical anchors

You can contact us to purchase the best quality helical anchors at a very affordable price directly from us.

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