Helical Pile Installation

Helical Anchors Inc has a great network of installers all across the United States that can assist you in your project.

All of them are very capable of handling a wide variety of helical anchor projects. They have experience in new construction, foundation underpinning, tiebacks, solar, utility, and gas lines. You name it and our installation network has completed it. In addition to our installers, we have employees that have worked on the install side of the business.

We have members on our team that are or have been design engineers, installers, estimators, or worked as general contractors. The advantage of having these individuals on our team is we can utilize them when our customers have questions.

There have been many instances when one of my installers has been on a job site and they call me explaining a situation where they are stuck. With our internal knowledge, we can always find them a solution. One example is below;
Customer X was on a job that required them to embed the bottom helix at 28’. The problem was they needed to get through roughly 10’ of rocky gravel that wasn’t allowing them to reach the required depth. We instructed them to torch cut a seashell pattern on the flights to open up the spacing on the flights. This seashell pattern allows small to medium size rocks and boulders to deflect off the helix that with the standard 90-degree cut could cause a problem.

Customer X was able to cut the flights on site and was able to complete the job on time. Its situations like this that really make a difference.

The more you can satisfy your customers the more those customers will come back to you.

Helical Pier Installation

Helical Pier Installation
Helical Pier Installation