Transmission lines helical anchors

Helical Piers for Transmission lines are the preferred choice for foundations chosen for Transmission lines. The clear advantage of immediate load capacity and no or zero concrete correction allows towers to get erected almost immediately as soon as helical anchors are installed.

Common Advantages of Helical Piers for Transmission Lines

Another advantage is low logistics cost as compared to traditional methods and low commercials made helical piles for power transmission lines a preferred choice for electrical engineers, not only the complete process requires less time ,it also allows better and long term strength advantage over obsolete old age technolgies.

In addition, a fast and steady rate of installation helps keep crews busy, decreasing lost production time. Landowners prefer the use of helical piles because there is less disturbance of their land (no augering or splits).

Helical Anchors Inc with its patented Inertia Welding Technology produces strongest helical anchors among the industry . Our helical piles are designed to withstand incredible load capacity and withstand any whether condition in any remote location.

Electrical substations are an ideal location for helical piles as installation can be achieved in confined areas and with having no hammering or vibration during installation sensitive equipment with the substation is unaffected.

Less environmental impact in environmentally sensitive areas, smaller installation equipment, smaller installation, crews, immediate tower construction no returning crews, no spoils from drilling or auguring.

Helical Piers for Transmission Lines can be used for

  • Substations, transformers, A-frames, high buses and circuit breakers
  • Transmission towers, lattice structures, H-frames, monopoles and guyed structures
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Distribution pole base

For years the electric transmission industry has relied on helical anchors for tower and pole foundations as well as guy anchors. Being the largest consumer of helical anchors the electric power transmission industry has embraced helical anchors for their many benefits and reliable performance.

Transmission lines helical anchors
Helical Piles for Transmission lines