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Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure.


Underpinning brackets for foundation repair by helical anchors inc | the strongest helical pier manufacture

For foundation remediation we typically use underpinning brackets. Again these brackets transition the load from the structure to the helical pile but in this case the structure is already in place.

Underpinning brackets are shaped like an L and slide underneath the existing foundation with the vertical section of the bracket fitting tightly against the side of the foundation.
For foundation remediation, helical piles are loaded at a slight angle direct against an existing structure.
Once the helical pile is installed to the correct requirements the underpinning bracket slides down the exposed helical pile and is securely attached to the structure. Once the bracket is secured the load of
the structure is successfully transferred from the old foundation to the underpinning bracket and in doing so transitioned to the helical pile.

Other designs of brackets and caps include L brackets, U brackets, and adjustable caps. L brackets and U brackets are typically used for decks, boardwalks, or any projects that have lumber as part of the foundation. Helical Anchors Inc custom designs and manufactures all of their L and U brackets.
We also manufacture adjustable caps which are less common but can be very useful to the Underpinning contractor. It allows installers to adjust the height of a cap after the helical pile has been installed.

Underpinning Anchors For Foundations
Underpinning Anchors For Foundations