helical piers design

Helical Anchors Inc has the ability to custom helical pile design for your deep foundation project and an expert with Pier and Beam Foundation Design. We have an engineering team that utilizes some of the top software programs in the industry. We can design unique helical pile projects by utilizing concrete columns, groups, and lateral analysis.

Concrete columns have been in the helical industry for a while now and can be used to accomplish many things. The most common is to increase lateral strength and to increase the buckling limit of the helical pile system. Both of these can be designed and analyzed by the team at Helical Anchors Inc.

Analyzing how a group of piles will work in a specific soil condition is difficult. Few software are able to take unique soil data and run analysis on how a cluster of piles will react. The engineering team at Helical Anchors Inc can do this. We’ve done preliminary work for many deep foundation projects that require the utilization of group analysis. This level of engineering and design is special in the helical anchor industry.

Lateral loads are very common in the helical industry but few programs have the ability to run axial loads along with lateral on the same platform. Lateral loads are applied forces on the pile that react horizontally. These can be above ground (ex wind) or below ground (ex pipeline flow). Lateral loads play a huge part in the design of helical piles.

Pier and Beam Foundation Design

Helical Anchors Inc has the ability to design and engineer your helical pile project. Helical Anchors has designed the strongest anchors in the world. We attribute our success to our innovation, quality, and design. With over 30 years of experience in the soil stabilization and foundation industry, we are designing new solutions and applying state of the art technology and expertise to innovate how foundation piles and anchors are installed. 

Helical Anchors are popular as a foundation solution due to their unique ability to be used for easy and fast installation in various weather conditions with minimal vibration and no cure time. They are also more environmentally friendly, with virtually no spoils or waste. 

Helical anchors can consist of many components. The most common are leads, extensions, top caps, and or brackets. Once the lead section is installed, extensions are added to reach the desired depth. In addition to helical anchors, this form of deep foundation is also known as helical piles, helical screws, screw piles, or earth anchors. 

Benefits of using Helical Anchors in Pier and Beam Foundation Design

  • Superior fit and finish 
  • Custom lengths are available 
  • Accurate field results 
  • Easy to install
  • Training is provided 
Pier and Beam Foundation Design
Pier and Beam Foundation Design