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tieback is a horizontal rod used to reinforce retaining walls for stability. With one end of the tieback secured to the wall, the other end is anchored into the earth with sufficient resistance

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What are Tiebacks?

Tiebacks are used to increase the tensile strength of the structure. Tiebacks can be used both in the new construction as well as in the old construction if it requires improvement of strength. As per our requirement, we can use the helical tieback permanently or temporarily.

What are the benefits of Tiebacks?

There are various benefits of using Tiebacks. Some of them are as follows:

They can be installed in tight spaces
They offer immediate loading capabilities
They are installed perfectly in all kinds of weather
Tiebacks do not require excavation during installation
They improve the holding strength of foundation in all the conditions
Tieback is  very cost-effective
No concrete is required in the Tieback installation
They can be permanent or temporary

How much would be the cost estimate for Tiebacks?

There are various factors involved while deciding the cost of Tiebacks. Those factors are:.
Structure age
Type of structure
Condition of structure
Degree of damage done
Condition of the foundation
Type of job(new structure or repair)

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How to install Tiebacks

Tiebacks are screwed into the ground using a shaft that has a small diameter. Normally it is installed at 15 to 45 degrees angle. It can be screwed directly into a pile or it can also be installed in the area between the piles. You can contact us for permanent tieback installation as well as temporary installation.

What is the purpose of Tiebacks?

Tieback is used to strengthen the foundation of an existing building or any type of structure. They increase the holding strength of the structure in all conditions.  Tieback can be used permanently or temporarily as per the requirement of the structure.

How to use Tiebacks?

A tieback is a rock anchor. A tieback machine drills a hole through the wall and after that, it inserts a large steel cable in the hole and then fills the hole with concrete. The concrete sticks to the cable and acts as a resistance against the rock to combat damage.

How many Tiebacks are required?

The number of tiebacks that you require depends upon the following factors:

Degree of damage in the foundation
Type of structure
Condition of the structure

Where can I get Tiebacks?

You can get it by searching for us by typing tiebacks manufacturers on google or you can get it by contacting Helical Anchors Inc. directly

How can I purchase Tiebacks at a lower cost?

You can contact Helical Anchors Inc. to purchase the best quality tieback at a very affordable price for every tieback assembly.

Helical Tiebacks Assemblies


Helical Tiebacks Assemblies