About Helical Anchors Inc

Helical Anchors Inc. is centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are the only helical pile manufacturer that offers inertia welded products. We offer the world’s strongest anchor. Because of this patented technology our helical piles are able to withstand higher stress than any of our competitors. The additional strength provided allows our clients to install smaller piles than the products offered by our competition. This allows Helical Anchors to provide you lower prices and competitive bids. Please visit our other pages to learn more about our company’s diverse range of products. 

With over 30 years of experience in the soil stabilization and foundation repair Industry, we are bringing new solutions by applying state of the art technology and expertise to change the way foundation piles and anchors are installed.

Helical Anchors Inc., with its 25+ years of experience in the earth-boring industry, brings “new” solutions to the soil stabilization and foundation industry. Applying its state of the art technology and expertise to change the way foundation industry installs foundation piles and anchors. Our superior choice of raw materials “new” design and fabrication techniques make our anchors the best in the industry!

Helical Anchors Inc. has been manufacturing deep foundation products for over 25 years.

Helical Anchors Inc’s parent company is Jindal Saw. Jindal SAW is the pioneer, a leader, and part of the most dynamic business houses in India. Jindal SAW has adapted to the changing times and has continued to be the front runner in the manufacturing of steel products. 

About Helical Anchors Inc.

Helical Anchors Inc is ISO 9001:2008 certified . With our highly skilled engineering team our focus is to bring the structural engineers and the installers together with a high quality product that can be counted on time and time again.

With the ability to inertia weld up to 7 5/8 inch diameter steel any load is possible.

Another factor that allows our piles to hold more than our competition is the strength of the material we use. All of our steel comes with a minimum yield strength of 80,000 psi. If you compare this with our competitions standard material, it is more than 30% higher. This combined with inertia welding allows us to create the strongest anchor in the world.

Helical Anchors, Inc. has developed new ways of fabrication with superior raw materials that make our products the best in the market.

  • Seamless tube shafts with high tensile strength give our products higher torsion strength than our competitors. This allows installation into stronger soil strata for higher load capacity.  Helical Anchors, Inc. products have the highest torque ratings in the industry.
  • Our telescoping connections are precision CNC machined for a stronger connection.
  • The connections are inertia welded allowing a streamlined one piece design. 
  • High-strength helical bearing plates combine with the high-torsion-strength shafts to allow higher compression loads than our competitors.
  • Quality galvanizing (hot-dipped process) for enhanced underground corrosion resistance.