Helical Piles- All Questions Asked In 2020

Helical Piles- All Questions Asked In 2020

What are helical piles?

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Helical Piles are the anchoring system that is used for building deep foundations and strengthening the foundation. They are used to provide support and strength to the structure from the underground level and protect the foundation from any damage.

What are helical piles used for?

Helical Piles are used to enhance the strength of the foundation of the structure and protect them from all kinds of damage.

What is the cost of helical piles?

There are various factors that contribute to the cost of helical piles. Those factors are:

Your Site location
Type of structure
Type of work(repair or new structure)
Condition of foundation
Depth of pile installation

How deep can helical piles go?

Helical piles are installed deep beneath the surface of the earth. As per the needs and requirements they can go as deep as hundred feet.

Where to buy helical piles?

You can contact Helical Anchors Inc to get the best quality helical piles.

How do helical piles work?

The Helical piles are drilled deep beneath the surface of the earth till the pre determined capacity is reached. They are placed at pre determined space to share the load of the structure. They support the structure from underground level.

How many helical piles do I need for a Small addition?

The number of helical piles that you require depends upon the following factors:
The required spacing between the piles
The type of structure for which is required.

How long until helical piles rust?

Helical piles are made from galvanized steel, therefore they don’t get rusted.

How to reinforce with helical piles an existing foundation?

Helical piles can be used to strengthen the existing foundation by installing jackets either with increasing surface area or without increasing the area at the base.

How helical piles are manufactured?

Helical piles are made up of galvanized steel to protect it from rusting. They are generally round hollow shafts or square solid shafts made from steel. They are manufactured by welding one or more steel screw threads onto the shaft so as to provide sufficient downward force into the soil as it is being screwed into the earth.

How deep can you drill helical piles?

As per our needs and requirements helical piles can be installed as deep as hundred feet below the surface of earth.

How are helical piles installed?

Helical piles are installed by drilling them deep into the surface of the earth. As the shaft of each pile is drilled deep below the surface,  additional extension segments are coupled into the bolted couplers and are drilled into the ground, resulting in a single pile capable of extending hundreds of feet deep into the ground.

Why use helical piles?

There are several advantages of using helical piles compared to conventional foundation systems:
1) It doesnot require excavation
2) It can be installed quickly
3) It produces minimum disturbance
4) It can be used immediately
5) It is environment friendly
6) It can be easily used even in remote locations

Helical piles when do i need them?

You would need a helical pile in the following cases:
1) To repair the cracks on the interior plaster walls.
2) The repair the uneven floor
3) To repair the large gap formed in the door and window frames 
4) When there is a hindrance produced while closing and opening the doors.
5) To repair the cracks in basement walls.

Where to order helical piles?

You can order helical piles from us directly. At helical Anchors Inc we provide the best quality helical piles.

How reliable are helical piles?

Helical Piles are best when it comes to protecting and strengthening your foundation. They are 100% reliable.

When were helical piles introduced?

In 1833 a civil engineer from Ireland invented the Helical pile.

What is the load capacity of can’t sink helical piles?

Helical piles are capable of holding more than 500 tons of weight.

What size helical piles to hold up a deck?

The size and number of helical Piles required would depend upon the size of the deck, the support required and the condition of the deck.

Where are helical piles installed?

Helical Piles are installed deep beneath the surface of the earth by rotating the shaft of the pile. As the shaft rotates the helical pile advanced deep into the ground.

What do helical piles look like?

A helical pile can be a square shaft or a round shaft open steel or a combination of both.

How to install helical piles by hand?

To install helical pile using hand you just have to place the helical pile in a hole and then rotate it in clockwise direction.

How to remove helical piles?

Helical Piles can be removed by reversing the direction of the torque and unscrewing the shaft element from the ground.

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