Advantages Of Screw Piles

Advantages of Screw Piles

Rapid Installation

One of the greatest advantages of Screw piles is that they are installed very easily by using some conventional construction equipment. They don’t require any special equipment for their installation. Since they don’t require any special equipment for their installation, therefore, it is also inexpensive. Typically only an operator and one labor is needed. 

Immediate Load Carrying Capability

One of the advantages of Screw piles is that unlike most other anchoring systems they can be loaded immediately after installation. You don’t have to wait for the concrete to settle to use it.

Minimal Site Disturbance

One of the advantages of screw piles with respect to environmental factors is that the installation of the screw- piles produces little to no disturbance of the site. It also does not produces any soil cutting. This keeps the site clean and the site requires a minimum clean up after the installation process. Also, the noise level associated with the installation is very low. 

Easy to install at Remote Locations or at Sites with Limited Access

In terms of mobility and location, one of the advantages of Screw piles is that it is well suited to projects located in remote areas. Since they require limited space and equipment therefore they are best suited for sites that are congested and don’t have access to the modern fancy equipment.

 Installation in High Groundwater Conditions

Screw-piles typically do not require an excavation for installation. Difficulties often encountered with shallow groundwater conditions at construction sites generally have little to no impact on the installation of screw-piles and therefore it adds up the speed of the installation process.

Easy Installation on a Batter

Generally, screw piles are installed vertically but they can be installed at any orientation as per the need of the project. They can be installed at any orientation. If required they can be installed horizontally without any problem.

Simple Field Modifications to Increase Load Capacity

One of the unique advantages of screw piles is that we can increase the load capacity at any time by making just slight changes.

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Frequently asked questions related to screw pile advantages

What are the advantages of using screw piles?

Screw piles are installed very easily
They can be used immediately after installation
They produce minimum disturbance
They can be installed easily at remote locations
They can be installed at any orientation as per the requirement
With some simple modifications their load capacity can be increased

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