Advantages of using helical piles

Advatages of Helical Piles


One of the greatest advantages of using helical piles is that it requires a small crew and no specialized machinery for installation. Also, a helical pile can be drilled at a rate of about 10 feet every five minutes. Therefore it is an extremely fast process.


Helical piles are also very cheap to manufacture, transport, and install. Also, they don’t require any costly upkeep like a concrete pile. A Helical pile can also be reused for some repair works of the foundation for other sites.


One of the advantages of using Helical piles is that they are designed in such a manner that it allows them to compress the existing soil and apply tension to it, which allows the pile to fix itself into place making them suitable for usage for locations where soil quality is bad.


Since Helical piles don’t require much space, manpower or machinery so they produce less unwanted impact to a worksite and the environment. They don’t even require the removal soil therefore the wastage of soil is also minimised.


Helical piles have a wide range of load-bearing capacity. Helical piles can handle upto 500 tons of weight.

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Frequently asked questions related to Helical piles

What are the advantages of using
Helical Piles?

There are several advantages of Helical Piles like:

They are easy to install
They are cost-effective
They are functional in poor soil
They have high loading capacity

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