Types of foundation repair method

Types of Foundation Repair Methods

1. Steel piers

Steel piers revolutionized the foundation repair process. The advantage of steel pier is that it takes less time and also takes less land space than the traditional concrete pier. They are more data-driven.

2. Helical piers

Helical piers work best for exterior foundation repair and interior slab repairs. Helical piers are best suited for both new constructions as well as repair works. Helical piers are most versatile piers present in the market.

3. Concrete pier foundation repair

Concrete piers are generally used in the pre-construction phase of structures. However, they are also suitable for repair works. Before the invention of the hydraulic driven steel pier this was the preferred method. It’s a permanent way to repair the foundation.

4. High-density polyurethane foam

High-density Polyurethane foam is ideal for making sturdy patterns with precise surface detail and also provide a high-quality surface finish. It is very popular because of its price and the speed of repair that it offers.

5. Segmented piers

Segmented piers is a relatively new product in the market. Segmented piers are low in price, if you are tight on budget you can go ahead with them.

6. Spot piers

Spot piers are best suited for repairing foundations in the light loaded areas. They are shallow, hand-dug piers and are filled with concrete.

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Frequently asked questions related to types of foundation repair method

How many different types of foundation repair methods are there?

There are six different types of foundation repair methods. They are:

Steel pier
Helical pier
Concrete pier foundation repair
High-density polyurethane foam
Segmented Piers
Spot Piers

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