7 Common Causes for Foundation Problem

7 Common Causes for Foundation Problem

There is always a reason behind the damage caused to the foundation. While we need some testing mechanism to know the causes, there are some common causes for foundation problem that don’t require any extensive testing. Some of those common causes are as follows:

Soil upheaval: One of the common causes for the foundation problem is soil upheaval. When exposed to extreme temperature soil expands and contracts. It is a serious problem in areas that are vulnerable to excess rain, drought, hot extreme hot and cold temperature. This problem is common in areas that have extreme environmental conditions and also prone to natural calamities.

Tree roots: The second cause in our list of seven common causes for foundation problem is tree roots. when trees grow old their roots can penetrate into the concrete and shift the foundation. This may make the foundation weak. In some cases they can create a crack in the concrete in whic the roots have penetrated. This is a common problem in residential homes also. This problem is a visible problem and it does not need any special testing mechanism to check the foundation for this problem.

Uneven settlement: The third and one of common causes for foundation problem is an uneven settlement. Air pockets may be created by the backfilled soil. These air pockets can cause unevenness in the foundation. The unevenness in the foundation disturbs the orientation of the foundation and makes it weak. The makes the ground/floor area above the foundation to settle unevenly. This problem increases with time.

Droughts: The fourth in our list is one of the most extreme common causes for foundation problem. Droughts may cause the soil of the foundation to contract around or underneath a structure. This may cause shift in the soil position and therefore make the foundation uneven. Areas that are prone to drought often have a weaker foundation and they need to get their foundation repaired from time to time to keep it safe and intact.

Cold weather: Cold temperature is also among common causes for foundation problem as it can make moist soil to freeze and expand which can cause great harm to the foundation.

Soil creep: This is one of the common causes for foundation problem for structures that are built on slopes. These structures are at risk of soil erosion beneath the foundation. It is very important for the structures that are built on the slope to get their foundation repaired from time to time to avoid any sort of mishappening.

Uphill soil accumulation: One of the foundation problem causes is uphill soil accumulation. Over time soil can accumulate against the higher end of the structure. This may increase the pressure on the foundation. If the pressure becomes too high for the foundation then it causes a breakdown and therefore damages the foundation. 

Damaged Sewage/Waterlines: Damaged sewage and water lines can release moisture into the ground resulting in the expansion of soil under the foundation. As the moisture increases with time the soil below the foundation damages the foundation and decreases its load-bearing capability and increases the chances of future breakdown.

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    Frequently asked question related to common causes of foundation problem

    What are some of the common causes of the foundation problem?

    Foundation problem is always caused due to some reasons. While some causes are complex, there are some common causes also like:

    Soil Upheaval
    Uneven settlement
    Tree Roots
    Damaged Sewage
    Broken water pipelines

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